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Harbour Landing Residential Development

Designing a home is more than building houses

Regina, Saskatchewan

Creating a large-scale residential development that feels like home is an exciting challenge—but Regina’s newest and largest residential neighborhood, Harbour Landing, was ready to succeed. It includes single and multi-family housing, commercial offices, shopping centers, dining, and hotel accommodations. But what’ll make it a home?

As prime consultant, we worked to create a community that residents could feel attached to, could connect with. So, in addition to the housing options, we also designed Harbour Landing to include 11 different parks, an integrated pathway system, a proposed school site, and a skate plaza.

The skate plaza (located in the subdivision’s largest residential park, Norseman Park) includes rails and ramps, urban elements that call back to the skateboarding opportunities in a downtown area. The plaza was designed for all ages to enjoy—all levels of skill.

With diverse community spaces and careful attention to the details that a large-scale residential development needs—drainage, wastewater systems, noise-reduction, and utilities tie-in—Harbour Landing is prepared to become a home for thousands of families. 

This Stantec-designed skateboard park in Regina's Harbour Landing is a dream come true for the community.

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<p>Jimmy Cao</p> <p>I wish there were more skate parks growing up and now seeing the developments in communities and having skate parks in the communities I think is a great thing.</p> <p>Kanten Russell</p> <p>By trying to pull in some of the urban elements that you’d find in a downtown area like Regina and put it into the skate plaza was the way that we could create something that was good for all ages, all skill levels, that could actually be skated right there in that development. We connected it with some of the pathways that lead to other areas of the community.</p> <p>Evan Hunchak</p> <p>We love working with Stantec; whether it’s municipal engineering or landscaping or even park design.</p> <p>Kanten Russell</p> <p>Some of the aesthetic ledges we put in there, we made them different heights; the flatbar, the a frame bank-to-bank feature, everything in there is something I think that could be used and is a little bit more user friendly than maybe some of the other parks.</p> <p>Evan hunchak</p> <p>If you’re looking for an amazing skate park, I think the one here in Harbour Landing is worth a visit. It’s definitely world class.</p> <p>Jimmy cao</p> <p>Its fun, you know, I like this park. I think the kids’ favourite feature of this park would probably be the banks on the side, well at least that’s my favourite feature.</p> <p>Tyson</p> <p>My favourite feature is the flatbar if you can see it in the background there, it’s just a mint rail.</p> <p>Matt</p> <p>Really good park, you could spend a couple hours here and not get bored.</p> <p>Evan hunchak</p> <p>There’s a lot of activities within this specific park that should be able to keep anyone from a toddler to an adult active and entertained.&nbsp;</p>

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