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Halifax Harbour Underground Gas Pipeline

Connecting energy throughout the community

Halifax, Nova Scotia

We completed a comprehensive geotechnical investigation for the gas pipeline crossing between Dartmouth and Halifax. Our work consisted of a review of regional and local geologic data, completion of test pits and drilling of land-based and marine-based boreholes, laboratory testing on soil and bedrock samples, and providing geologic and geotechnical data for engineering design of the proposed pipeline crossing.

Our work included geotechnical boreholes at the shore approach and in the Halifax Harbour for characterizing subsurface soil and bedrock conditions up to 80 metres below the harbour bottom. Beyond obtaining soil and bedrock core samples and detailed inspection, we completed downhole packer testing to determine the hydraulic conductivity within the bedrock.

The information obtained was used to develop geotechnical recommendations to assist in planning the horizontal directional drilling program for the more than 800-metre crossing.

Heritage Gas was recognized with the 2009 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Engineering for this project.

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