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Haldimand County Skate Plazas

Skaters get two new parks

Haldimand County, Ontario

The two skate parks in Caledonia and Dunnville are the result of three years of work by Haldimand County and the community groups. The skate parks engage kids at a grassroots level, helping raise money and find grants to fund their development.

Once funding was secured, the County looked for a design consultant who understood the special considerations that come with parks in a northern climate. That’s where the Stantec team came in. With dozens of similar skate park projects under our belt, our team jumped right in, engaging the communities of both towns right from the start to develop parks that met their vision—from safety and visibility to durability and challenging terrain.

“The great thing about skate parks is that they draw in the age range of kids that is often difficult to entertain and keep outdoors,” says Stantec designer Kanten Russell. “Thanks to the kids’ input, each of these parks has unique features, so local riders can enjoy different experiences at each one.”

The community was psyched about the openings, and the County capitalized on that, bringing in two professional riders sponsored by Sk8Mafia Skateboards to do some demonstrations and sign autographs at the openings. Stantec’s Kanten Russell joined pros Jimmy Cao and Jamie Palmore to show off the parks’ features and how the long road of this grassroots effort paid off.

Haldimand County celebrates the opening of two new community skate plazas in Caledonia and Dunnville.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p><b>Katrina Shmitts</b>: This skate park came about as an initiative from a group of kids in the community, users of the skate park we had at the time. It was a much smaller skate park in another location in Caledonia. When we started out it was great; we had community consultations, everybody was very engaged. I think we quickly realized that we probably needed some very specialized skills for this type of project.</p> <p><b>Kanten Russell</b>: They really wanted us to come in and be the liaison between the county and the community in helping bridge that gap and be able to talk the language that the skateboarders were sharing about their dream design, their dream features.</p> <p><b>Jimmy Cao</b>: I think it's really good for the community. Kids come and hang out, skate, be active, stay out of trouble. Hopefully.</p> <p><b>Katrina Shmitts</b>: Stantec very kindly and generously brought in designers from California and they were phenomenal, just a ton of communication and engagement with the kids. Really hashed out the details of what this park should look like.</p>

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