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Grande Prairie Care Centre

We don’t design institutions, we shape safe communities

Grande Prairie, Alberta
  • Chantelle Management Ltd.

Residential care, assisted living, day programs, and respite care are available at this new 120-bed centre. Our long-term care design specialists developed the rooflines and verandas to be inviting and homey. Each connected unit has a living room for 15 residents. We intentionally designed small social spaces to encourage manageable social groupings. Just as important as the social spaces are private spaces. Privacy improves communication between residents and staff, because they can speak freely. Creating room for alone time also helps establish balance and encourages positive social activity.

Together with our design team, our landscape architect addressed specific needs of residence with dementia. The concert pathway in the enclosed garden has very fine construction-control joints to avoid visual barriers and tripping hazards. Additionally, the plants in the garden are all non-toxic allowing the opportunity for residents to have a safe, stress-relieving connection with nature. We approached the project with experience and a passion for evidence-based design. We delivered a care centre based on principals for physical and mental well-being, while adhering to a fixed budget.

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