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Five Hills Health Region Regional Hospital

Lean and integrated

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

The Five Hills Health Region Regional Hospital is a 19,200 square meter replacement hospital for the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. Collectively we have identified the significance of the project in the community, recorded the goals and objectives of the region, and continue to seek to define the community’s legacy. The process has been an iterative one – engaging healthcare providers and administrators, patients, and staff in the 3P process, working through Lean methodologies and including the design and construction industry in determining processes and delivery models to aid in achieving those goals.

The integrated project team includes Stantec, Devenney and Graham, and Boldt. Ideas that are being implemented to build smarter and thus be very productive include off site pre-manufactured components. Steel stud headwalls complete with mechanical and electrical integration are being preassembled improving schedule, quality and safety. On the exterior, standard wall assembly panels are being prebuilt in an assembly line fashion where standardization is estimated to cut labor cost by an over 60 percent.

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