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EPCOR Station Lands

830 individuals, 8 floors, and 260,000 square feet for our interior design team to play in

Edmonton, Alberta

The inspiration for the interior floor plan in EPCOR’s signature tower began with an aerial photo of the city’s North Saskatchewan River. Conceptually superimposing the image over the available floor space, the design team created gently winding floor patterns that mimic the lazy S-curve of the river, and established collaborative spaces, emulating natural green spaces found along the river which offer employees a place to gather and connect.

Targeting LEED silver certification, while aiming to lower project costs for the client, inspired our team to repurpose and refurbish. Rather than disposing of outdated cubicle dividers, they were cut down, reupholstered, and reinstalled, effectively creating six new types of workstations.

Embracing open-concept design and focusing on right-to-light, glass-fronted offices are interspersed among the collaborative areas, while low-walled cubicles line the outer perimeter, allowing natural light to flood through the space. The interior reflects the themes of water and wire, materials synonymous with EPCOR’s operations, and each design detail reinforces the company’s culture and celebrates the work they do.

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