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Engineered Biostimulation Successful Remediation of a Residential Property

When community health is at risk

Consul, Saskatchewan

After 60 years of petroleum retail and bulk fuel facilities in Saskatchewan, a number of sites are feeling the impact of accidental releases from the past. Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination (PHC) can harm human health and wildlife if not managed properly. That’s why FCL and the Pioneer Co-op turned to us to conduct an environmental assessment on a residential property in Consul, Saskatchewan for PHC impacts to the soil and groundwater.

The residents were worried about their health, environment and land values, so our team took a creative approach to the remediation. 25 recovery wells were installed to remove hydrocarbons through a multi-phase vacuum extraction system. The low impact approach meant most residents didn’t even notice their town was being made safer.

9,700 litres of harmful impacts. That’s how many hydrocarbons we recovered in 50 days consisting of 8,000 litres in the vapor phase and 1,700 litres through enhanced aerobic biodegradation.

We are proud to have received the Brian Eckel Award of Excellence from the Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan in 2011 for this project, but if you ask the team, the real reward was leaving a community safer, healthier, and intact.

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