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Dover to Muskeg River Transmission Line

A transmission line that convention said couldn’t be built

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Diverse soil conditions, an aggressive schedule, and an extremely remote location did nothing to lessen the need for a new transmission line in northern Alberta. The industrial community in Fort McMurray needed additional power transmission to keep working, and our client needed a team that could deliver that power project through some of North America’s most remote and challenging terrain.

The Dover to Muskeg River Transmission Line project spans varying terrains, from muskeg to clay till and stiff oil sands. Convention said constructing transmission towers would require a standard concrete foundation approach. Given the remote location of the project, that wasn’t a viable option, and we were required to devise a completely new approach. We created a design that combined a variety of foundation types, including specially designed screw, driven, and concrete piles. The resulting system not only offered significant cost savings over the traditional approach, but allowed for on the spot solutions presented by the varying conditions across the project’s range.

The power was delivered to the Fort McMurray community, along with time and cost savings to our client.

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