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Department of National Defence - 443 Squadron Operations/Maintenance Hangar

Designing a new hangar to keep Canadian aircraft flying

Sidney, British Columbia

The 443 Squadron operations and maintenance hangar will provide storage for five aircraft, two maintenance bays, an interior wash and maintenance bay, and maintenance shops. In addition to administrative and personnel support facilities, the facility will provide warehousing, shop, and work space for the in-service support contractor. Exterior provisions include ramp areas, taxiway, rinse bay, and a refueling area, plus access to roadways, parking lots, and service. There is enough space and height to accommodate the CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

The six Sea King maritime helicopters that 443 Squadron currently supports will be replaced with new CH-148 Cyclones. The first of nine aircrafts are estimated to arrive in Patricia Bay in 2014.

During the transition to its new fleet, 443 Squadron may be required to operate and provide maintenance support to both the Cyclone and the Sea King. Maintenance of the new fleet will be provided by the aircraft supplier (Sikorsky) through an in-service support contract but within facilities to be provided by the Department of National Defence. With greater efficiency, effectiveness, and security in mind, our design consolidates all 443 Squadron operations into one facility. In keeping with the operational mandate, the facility is fully compliant with all building codes and airfield zoning regulations, and designed to post-disaster standards.

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