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Corney Brook Slope Stabilization

Keeping the Cabot Trail safe

Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

The cliffs along sections of the Cabot Trail go through constant degradation from pounding surf at the base, as well as freeze/thaw and wetting/drying processes. As the roads through the trail are cut into these cliffs, significant slope movements can affect the roadways.

Parks Canada identified a tension crack on the edge of the Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Indications of a slope failure were present at the site, including significant loss of material from the cliff. A large pile of rubble accumulated at the base and fresh rock faces exposed on the 200-foot cliff. An initial assessment was carried out to determine what temporary measures should be put in place to make the area safe for the public.

Following this assessment, a detailed site investigation was carried out, which involved a topographic survey, geologic mapping, boreholes and installing slope inclinometers to monitor movements. This data was used to complete a detailed design and prepare the specifications for the retaining structure, which uses a system of soldier piles, concrete lagging, and tie backs. Our team was on-site to provide inspection services during the construction of the structure.

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