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Corner Brook How to green Treatment Plant

Investing in one of our most precious resources—high quality drinking water

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

The growing number of subdivisions over the last decade had placed more pressure on existing water infrastructure at the City of Corner Brook. The new facility will provide a multi-barrier approach with more safeguards and capacity to handle future growth, providing the 22,000 residents of Corner Brook, Massey Drive and Mount Moriah with access to better quality drinking water.

Through our geotechnical investigation, we helped recommend the optimal support for the building footprint, which was roughly eight meters below surrounding site grades and well below the bedrock surface. A 950-metre area required 120 rock anchors to resist soil uplift. Following the investigation, we have been involved with quality control inspection and testing services.

We also completed a hydrotechnical assessment for four kilometres of a stream bordering the site to map out floodplain boundaries. By modeling maximum water elevations we could then develop floodplain maps to help the client develop infrastructure—such as underground holding tanks and building foundations—to withstand flooding events. Our assessment helped improve the foundation design, resulting in an overall cost savings for this project.

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