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City of Calgary Sustainable Landfill BioCell Project

Finding a new use for old waste

Calgary, Alberta

The City of Calgary Landfill Bio-Cell (LBC) is a full-scale pilot and research facility. It contains 85,000 tonnes of residential waste, commercial organic waste, and digested wastewater sludge. We started with engineering and project management services throughout the design, construction, and cell filling phase and continue to be involved in the long-term operation.

The LBC will operate first in an anaerobic phase to produce methane and then move to an aerobic phase to further the process of balancing organic matter. Following the aerobic phase, the LBC will be mined to recover resources and valuable air space. The facility was designed with the following major components: cell structure, groundwater control system, leachate collection and removal system, liquid injection system, LFG collection/air injection system, and bio-cap to oxidize any remaining methane escaping to the atmosphere.

Receiving a CEA Award of Excellence, it was praised as "a very innovative and collaborative effort by the Stantec team and stakeholders. Forward thinking at its best. Sustainability is the key to our survival as a species on earth. This project is worthy of a #1 ranking."

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