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British Columbia Institute of Technology – Campus Gateway Building

Opening the door to students

Vancouver, British Columbia

When adding to a campus environment, understanding the context and adjacent structures is critically important. When creating a new gateway project for a campus, projecting the image and vision of the educational facility in a manner that welcomes and supports is essential. Working within the established BCIT infrastructure plan, our team of mechanical and electrical engineers did just that.

The engineering approach supports the building design with systems that enhance the institute’s environmental and operational goals. Adjacent buildings were found to discharge a significant amount of exhaust air without any heat recovery devices installed. As part of the gateway project, we harnessed this available heat for use in the existing buildings, reducing overall energy consumption. A new ground source heat pump field augments heating and cooling as required. In times of simultaneous heating and cooling demand, the system allows heat use from warm interior spaces to heat cold perimeter spaces. In the occupied spaces, active chilled beams provide heating and air condition, naturally inducing return air from the room to cross a large hydronic coil and mix with fresh air for ventilation.

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