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Bridgeport Bridge and Bridge Street Improvements

Rehabilitating a piece of history

Kitchener, Ontario

Built in 1934, the five-span, concrete bowstring arch is a designated heritage bridge and distinctive presence in Kitchener’s Bridgeport neighborhood. When it began to deteriorate, the Region of How to greenloo asked Stantec to determine if the historic structure could be rehabilitated. We also reviewed a chronically congested intersection at one end of the bridge and suggested ways to improve it.

Our inspection revealed that the bridge could be saved with extensive repairs. The rehabilitation included a concrete deck replacement, floor beam replacement, a new sidewalk, conversion to semi-integral abutments, concrete patching, and isolated strengthening of chords. We also recommended a single-lane entry roundabout intersection to improve traffic operations and eliminate the need to widen the Bridgeport Bridge. The repairs both modernized and protected the structure and intersection, while reflecting the heritage and community character.

Due to the nature of the project and intense interest from the community, we worked closely with the region on extensive public information efforts to highlight key phases of the project, present design concepts, and address concerns.

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