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BMObility Alternative Workplace Strategy

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Toronto, Ontario

At the Bank of Montreal’s (BMO) First Canadian Place offices, human resources and media communications were having trouble working well together.

Human resources needed a calm space to do heads-down work, while communications needed an area to collaborate and promote the brand. Without space to create a physical separation between the two departments, BMO turned to Stantec to implement its BMObility platform and bring harmony to the single-floor office.

After spending time with the departments to understand how they worked, our designers scrapped the fixed workspaces and organized the floor into neighbourhoods. When arriving at work, employees book out space in the neighbourhood that best suits their needs for that day.

Removing most fixed office elements allowed BMO to reduce the entitlement that comes with personal offices and get people working collaboratively in a way the old layout would not permit. The space gained by moving to a freeform office also gave our designers the room to create an in house media studio.

The First Canadian Place overhaul completed by our designers became the company’s largest alternative workplace strategy and the standard for all future BMObility facilities.

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