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Bluewater River Crossing Replacement

Considerate neighbors

Southern Ontario

The St. Clair River joins Lake Huron and Lake St Clair and forms part of the Ontario-Michigan boundary. It’s an important shipping lane between the Great Lakes—and we needed to cross it with a replacement natural gas pipeline.

Pipelines L.P., a subsidiary of Union Gas, needed to construct a 20-inch natural gas pipeline replacement across the St. Clair River, but there were a few challenges. The construction was right near a residential neighborhood, and the river itself was a significant natural resource and important economic channel.

We completed more than ten studies, reports, and permits including an environmental and socio-economic assessment, an environmental protection plan, archaeological assessments, a noise assessment, and conservation authority permits.

By conducting noise monitoring and constructing noise barriers, we minimized disturbance to the nearby community. We also constrained construction access on the local streets.

With this pipeline replaced, our client has secured the natural gas supply for many residents and businesses in Southern Ontario—and the project was completed successfully without compromising the comfort and convenience of the local residents. 

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