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BC Place - Site 10C Rezoning Proposal

Reimagining Vancouver’s BC Place stadium area

Vancouver, British Columbia

With tremendous growth across Vancouver, the context with which BC Place exists has changed. To keep up with the booming city, the City of Vancouver has initiated rezoning for a property that sits next to BC Place stadium –Site 10C. The result of the proposal will integrate the structure into the area and help to maintain the vibrant local community in downtown Vancouver.

The proposed uses for the building are primarily commercial and residential, providing an area for residents to live, work, and play. The density in this area is great for this kind of building and in line with council policies that encourage higher density –it increases sustainability and reduces carbon footprints. The urban design will successfully integrate and build on the interrelationship between site 10C and the stadium, setting up a comprehensive composition for this precinct.

Site 10C will create a strong urban edge in the stadium district. Street oriented retail stores and restaurants will bring animation to the streetscape, drawing the public from the city down to the waterfront and bringing the community together.

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