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Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy Site Feasibility Studies

Making power generation cleaner and more efficient for communities throughout Atlantic Canada

Saint John, New Brunswick

We completed the project in conjunction with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in New Brunswick. The work included several phases of assessment such as synoptic current velocity and bathymetry field surveys, deployment of fixed Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) current meters on the seabed, information on the natural environment and climatic conditions, and the behaviour of marine wildlife to determine the suitability for the development of tidal energy projects.

Potential areas for development were initially selected using existing information from various sources including the Electric Power Research Institute “New Brunswick Tidal In-Stream Energy Conversion (TISEC): Survey and Characterization of Potential Project Sites” (2006) report describing potential in-stream tidal power generation areas on submerged land under the jurisdiction of New Brunswick. 

The Offshore Energy Environmental Research Association “Background Report for the Fundy Tidal Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment” (2008) prepared by Stantec was also used to help select potential study areas and which were then short-listed after the field surveys. Mapping was prepared with ARCview GIS using various available mapping sources to determine setbacks and constraints in the study areas.

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