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BC Place Stadium Renovation

Renewal project moves Vancouver skyline onto the world stage

Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Geiger and Schlaich Bergermann
Stantec/Cannon Design (Turf & Seating)

For over 25 years BC Place has stood as an icon in the Vancouver skyline. As the largest event facility of its kind in the province, it has hosted over 26 million people since opening. The stadium had begun to fall into disrepair, and it became obvious that a major renovation would be required if it was to remain a viable locale for world class events. With Vancouver’s successful bid for the 2010 Olympic Games the stadium was to function as the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies. To create a space that would be suitable for such a significant event, Stantec was asked to help guide the stadium on its journey of renewal.

Stantec’s design team worked to completely transform the stadium from a tired, outdated facility into a vibrant center of the surrounding community. Features such as the world’s largest cable supported retractable roof, a unique LED exterior lighting system, and the second largest center-hung scoreboard in North America have garnered recognition from the local and international design communities. While a state of the art sound system, upgraded concessions, and improved seating provide patrons with an enhanced experience and level of entertainment.

Client Relationships

Stantec really gave us a focus and a vision for where we wanted to go in the future of the building.

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<p>In working with PavCo there were three client representatives who I dealt with and we dealt with throughout the project. One was the general manager, Howard Crossley, the director of business development, Graham Ramsey, and the operations officer Brian Griffin.</p> <p>We really looked to them to broaden our horizons – what was next for the building. They involved us in all the decision-making at a very high level.</p> <p>From day one, Stantec provided all architectural services, and really gave us a focus and a vision for where we wanted to go in the future of the building.</p> <p>We brought in some additional consultants, and the client, and essentially brainstormed ideas of what to do with stadium. We tried to look at big picture, forget about costs, in a perfect world: what would you like to do to the stadium? What things need to be better? What would improve operations? What would improve the guest experience? When they started to see the capabilities that the design team brought to the stadium and the ability to reinvent spaces, even spaces within the stadium, a big light went off in their mind.</p> <p>The relationship was very positive with Stantec. They understood our needs, and specifically from a business standpoint and an event standpoint, we worked together to make sure that not only was BC Place new and iconic, but also fulfilled our business needs .</p> <p>Our relationship with Stantec goes back a number of years, and I think it turned into a friendship, but also we felt very involved from the very beginning.</p>


The colors of the stadium have now become part of the community.

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<p>We installed countless kilometers of wiring and LED lights that have a full colour range, are programmable in 1ft increments, and are connected to a digital system that allows numerous different static and dynamic light shows to occur on the façade and the roof.</p> <p>The reception from the city of Vancouver has been phenomenal. The stadium has become the de facto backdrop for some of the news agencies, and the stadium has been able to work with a lot of the local charities to basically reflect colours on that particular day or that particular week. And So the colours of the stadium have now become part of the community, shall we say.</p>


The secondary curtain creates the clam shell of a typical stadium.

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<p>One of the systems we developed along with our structural engineers was a secondary curtain that actually doesn’t just blank off the upper level but is actually a sloped screen that essentially recreates the , let’s call it the clam shell of a typical stadium but lowers that ceiling and essentially, at the same time blocks out 95% of the view to the upper level tiered seating.</p> <p>Having the secondary roof; having specific seating sections that really provide a soccer-specific venue allows us to be a world class soccer venue, but also allows us without the soccer curtain and the soccer configuration, to be a world class football venue and also a world class concert venue and entertainment.</p>

New Fan Lounge

We transformed what was previously a leftover storage space into something that fans would want to go to and spend time in.

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<p>They wanted to create a lounge that was accessible from the field of play, particularly for the Whitecaps who wanted to offer a different level of experience to the patrons. That space was previously a storage space for the stadium, for whatever they had on the lowest level. And we created that into a high end lounge with lighting, sound system, digital screens, bar service. They still laugh when they go into that space because they can’t believe how we transformed what was previously a leftover storage space for them into something that fans want to go and spend time in.</p>

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