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ATCO Seebe Bridge Pipeline Crossing

Developing a unique solution for an unconventional pipeline crossing

Seebe, Alberta

A high-pressure natural gas pipeline, supported on a 1950s-decommissioned vehicle-bridge, was nearing the end of its lifecycle. Detailed inspections revealed immediate concerns for the aged Seebe crossing, presenting ATCO with the opportunity to take a new approach in ensuring a safe and reliable gas supply for the next lifecycle. Our team was brought on to develop a new bridge design that offered ease in operations and a 75-year shelf life.

The Seebe Pipeline Bridge was unique because conventional crossing design methods were not economically or technically feasible. The project required a new approach—expertise from pipelines and bridges had to collaborate to discover solutions that addressed ATCO’s immediate concerns and provided a permanent pipeline bridge that best suits their operations requirements.

Each of the key stakeholders were engaged in the project, took ownership of their roles, and collaborated to ensure that every detail was carefully considered. The result? A safe and reliable bridge for ATCO’s pipeline that factors in potential for future size increase and operations accessibility. 

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