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ACTIVE-AURORA Connected Vehicle Testbed Network

At the forefront of innovation

Edmonton, Alberta

Not one to wait for change, the University of Alberta’s Centre for Smart Transportation is actively preparing for the future of transportation. ACTIVE-AURORA is a network of on-road test beds that provide a harsh winter climate to test Connected Vehicle systems, technologies, applications, and services for traffic, transit, goods movement, and active transportation. ACTIVE is based in Edmonton, Alberta, and AURORA is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This program provides real-world test zones in three congested corridors, a rural freeway, an urban expressway, and an urban arterial, combined with laboratory settings, where conditions can be customized to simulate various situations. These facilities offer cutting-edge learning opportunities and coaching for the next generation of transportation experts.

The test bed is currently in its first stage: “Improving Safety” which has involved fully connecting the corridors using DSRC V2I technology. Subsequent stages include “Driver Behavior” followed by “Congestion Reduction.”

Within this first stage, the project is focused on leveraging Connected Vehicle technology to reduce pedestrian collisions at signalized intersections,. Outcomes have developed a proof of concept for pedestrian detection notification on oncoming connected vehicles using DSRC. This will allow the researchers and Stantec to determine how the technology performs in mixed traffic on arterials and local streets in a wide range of climatic conditions.

By providing project management, design of the roadside units, procurement of the arterial, and construction administration services, Stantec is quickly becoming a leader in the development and testing of this groundbreaking technology.

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