Material Handling Systems

  • Efemçukuru Mine: Underground Crushing Station

    Safe, effective operations for the Eldorado Gold Corporation

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  • Potash Mine

    Surging ahead—500 ton underground surge bin and high-speed load-out conveyor

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Moving material where it needs to go

Whether you're mining underground or at the surface, we can help you move materials important to your operation. We have designed material handling systems for a broad variety of commodities and believe that designing a transportation system that is safe and reliable is just as important as designing one that cost effectively maximizes production. Read More

I enjoy connecting clients, both internal and external, with simple, effective solutions.

Andy Pitz Principal, Mining
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How to grow

Mike Peden, Manager of Material Handling (Global)

The key to designing a successful material handling project is understanding clients' needs and producing a design that is ‘Fit For Purpose’, while achieving a high level of safety in its detail.
Mike Peden Manager of Material Handling (Global) Read More

Andy Pitz, Principal, Mining

I enjoy connecting clients, both internal and external, with simple, effective solutions.

Brian Mashford, Vice President

Motivation and long-term success are created by purpose, clear goals, and clear expectations.

Jon Treen, Senior Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Mining (Global)

The growth of our long-term relationships with clients is built on demonstrating we care about their business and the success of their organization.
Jon Treen Senior Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Mining (Global) Read More

Mike Garbutt, Senior Associate

It’s important to understand our client’s needs, but we aim to go further and recognize what drives value for the client. This allows us to create more innovative solutions.

Rich Saccany, Senior Consultant, Mining

Projects are like puzzles. My objective is to make sure all the pieces come together.
Rich  Saccany Senior Consultant, Mining Read More

Steve Rusk, Vice President

A trusted partner with the people and know how to design and deliver mining projects safely and efficiently.
  • Mike Peden

    Manager of Material Handling (Global)

  • Andy Pitz

    Principal, Mining

  • Brian Mashford

    Vice President

  • Jon Treen

    Senior Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Mining (Global)

  • Mike Garbutt

    Senior Associate

  • Rich  Saccany

    Senior Consultant, Mining

  • Steve Rusk

    Vice President

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Hydrogeology & Geochemistry We accurately assess your mine’s water footprint and the water variability expected over the life of your mine using a suite of modeling platforms.
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Mine Ventilation Systems One of our most important roles when ventilating an underground mine worker safety: making sure airflow is sufficient in quantity and quality.
Shafts & Hoisting Systems We have skilled shaft and hoisting experts who will work with you to tailor designs to meet your needs.
Mine How to green Treatment We have the experience and technical skills to evaluate, design, and build water treatment systems that are tailored to the unique factors of your mine.

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