Environment & Natural Resources

  • Air-Q-Gov

    Air Quality Governance in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Russian Fed., Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia

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  • GCCA+

    Technical Assistance for the Global Climate Change Alliance

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    Implementation of the Small Island Developing States ‘Mauritius Strategy’

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Capacity building services for environmental resources and climate change

Protecting natural capital and adapting to the consequences of a changing climate are important components of any development agenda. We work closely with our clients and development partners to help communities improve the stewardship of water, soil, forests, and other resources that people depend on for their livelihoods and wellbeing, and which are important to maintaining the integrity of critical habitat and biodiversity.

Adressing Climate Change

Our climate change expertise is grounded in our water and energy capabilities. We understand the links between water, power, food security, and public health—and how important these links are to resilient communities. Our services range from strategy and policy to solutions for water resource management, renewable energy, sustainable power generation, greenhouse gas reporting, and climate change adaptation. Using assessments, monitoring, investigations, and feasibility studies, we can help you evaluate options and strategies.
How to grow

Christophe Leroy, Operations Director

Achieving tangible results and delivering quality services for our clients and project beneficiaries in developing and transition economy countries is my passion.
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Neslihan  Sönmez, Business Development Director

Working for different sectors, different clients, different countries, different projects everyday—is inspiring and motivating.
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Anca Andreescu, Senior Project Manager

Our projects are unique opportunities to share best practices with countries all over the world, while integrating local needs and traditions.
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Aida Yassine, Project Manager

I manage large projects within different geographies to strengthen innovation and enhance knowledge management.

Loren Labovitch, Vice President, Regional Leader, International Development Group (North America)

As trusted advisors and partners, we strive to have a positive and lasting impact for our clients, the environment, and the communities where we work.
Loren Labovitch Vice President, Regional Leader, International Development Group (North America) Read More
  • Christophe  Leroy

    Operations Director

  • Neslihan  Sönmez

    Business Development Director

  • Anca Andreescu

    Senior Project Manager

  • Aida  Yassine

    Project Manager

  • Loren Labovitch

    Vice President, Regional Leader, International Development Group (North America)

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