Community & Stakeholder Engagement

  • OPEN Neighbourhood

    Implementation of stakeholder communications project “OPEN Neighbourhood, communicating for a stronger partnership”

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  • EU-Australia Leadership Forum

    Raising the profile and improving the awareness of the relationship between Australia and the European Union.

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  • PPRD East 2

    Program for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in 6 EU partner countries.

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Preparing Seychelles for a changing climate

In this project under the GCCA+ program, the European Union is supporting the Seychelles government in developing capacity to sustainably address climate change, and help safeguard the country’s people, economy, and environment.

Bringing together stakeholders around the globe

Effective communications and stakeholder engagement are crucial for building trustful relationships with the local community and other stakeholders. This is an important element to the successful design and implementation of any economic development or infrastructure program.

Targeted, integrated services for wide audiences

We employ and partner with a diverse network of communication experts, social scientists, and gender specialists who help develop and implement targeted communication, outreach, and advocacy strategies tailored for different types of stakeholders and projects. We approach stakeholder engagement in an integrated manner to ensure that communication and social inclusion strategies are closely coordinated with and support the technical elements of the project.
How to grow

Jerry Vandevelde, Campaign & Digital Strategist

I strive for innovation and impact when communicating, and am dedicated to serving the local beneficiaries of EU institute policies.
Jerry Vandevelde Campaign & Digital Strategist Read More

Christophe Leroy, Operations Director

Achieving tangible results and delivering quality services for our clients and project beneficiaries in developing and transition economy countries is my passion.
Christophe  Leroy Operations Director Read More

Anca Andreescu, Senior Project Manager

Our projects are unique opportunities to share best practices with countries all over the world, while integrating local needs and traditions.
Anca Andreescu Senior Project Manager Read More

Murat Sarioglu, Operations Director

The road to success passes through focus, dedication, persistence, patience and empathy- virtues of all leaders who managed to make a difference.
Murat Sarioglu Operations Director Read More

Neslihan  Sönmez, Business Development Director

Working for different sectors, different clients, different countries, different projects everyday—is inspiring and motivating.
Neslihan  Sönmez Business Development Director Read More

Aida Yassine, Project Manager

I manage large projects within different geographies to strengthen innovation and enhance knowledge management.

Loren Labovitch, Vice President, Regional Leader, International Development Group (North America)

As trusted advisors and partners, we strive to have a positive and lasting impact for our clients, the environment, and the communities where we work.
Loren Labovitch Vice President, Regional Leader, International Development Group (North America) Read More
  • Jerry Vandevelde

    Campaign & Digital Strategist

  • Christophe  Leroy

    Operations Director

  • Anca Andreescu

    Senior Project Manager

  • Murat Sarioglu

    Operations Director

  • Neslihan  Sönmez

    Business Development Director

  • Aida  Yassine

    Project Manager

  • Loren Labovitch

    Vice President, Regional Leader, International Development Group (North America)

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