Atmospheric Sciences

  • Carmeuse Lime and Stone

    For over 20 years, we've been providing a multitude of air quality and noise consultant services.

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  • TransCanada’s Marshfield Reduction

    Creating natural energy while sustaining our natural environments.

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  • Global Alliance Against Climate Change (AMCC)

    Integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation into key sectorial policies.

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Balancing development with regulations

With natural sciences education backgrounds and expertise in the latest regulatory and permitting compliance methods, our engineers, scientists, and data analysts go beyond the common approach to develop results for you. We have experience in air quality, acoustics, noise, vibration, climate change, greenhouse gases, odor, and lighting. As you develop your plans for growth we’ll work with you to merge strategies for environmental risk management into your project. Read More

The most difficult and daunting dilemmas are our best opportunity to achieve something spectacular.

Dan Heiser Manager, Environmental
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Our Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions team is accredited under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification, and has considerable experience with the validation and verification of GHG offset projects. We’ll work with you on offsets, including wind power, nitrous oxide abatement, electricity, and fuel reductions due to retrofits, landfill gas capture, methane avoidance, and biological offsets (forests, wetlands). Services include permitting, modeling and testing, and climate change and sustainability. Read More

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Climate Change Consulting and Verification

Do you want a better understanding of Cap and Trade? Are you looking to implement climate change strategies which grow with your business? Our Ontario Greenhouse Gas (GHG) verification consultants provide extensive experience in sustainability and support for Cap and Trade policy. We work to provide strategic opportunities compliant in the latest regulations, in what can be a difficult landscape to navigate. Read More

Noise and Vibration

From environmental and transportation noise, to monitoring and vibration, our professionals are dedicated to the consistent delivery of quality noise and vibration solutions through innovative problem-solving and smart application of technology. We understand the challenges related to regulatory compliance and public concern over noise and vibration issues. Our acoustic specialists provide noise and vibration solutions to meet your project needs.
We advance your goals by finding symbiosis between the project and the regulatory requirements.
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We help ensure emission reductions meet program requirements
How to grow

Nicole Flanagan, Associate, Senior Atmospheric Engineer

In a rapidly evolving regulatory climate, unidentified environmental opportunities can quickly become environmental liabilities.
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Gizem Gunal-Akgol, Senior Atmospheric Engineer

I am passionate about helping our communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions to protect the environment.
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Mike Murphy, Senior Principal, Environmental Services

Being able to work with people—that’s what it takes.
Mike Murphy Senior Principal, Environmental Services Read More

Vicki Corning, Senior Associate, Environmental Services

We have a great team with a collective goal of understanding our client’s needs and providing efficient and effective solutions to their challenges. I am proud of our long standing community and industry relationships.
Vicki Corning Senior Associate, Environmental Services Read More

Kevin Madry, Senior Principal

I strive to continuously improve––for my clients that means continuously look for ways to raise the bar on how I deliver solutions.
  • Nicole Flanagan

    Associate, Senior Atmospheric Engineer

  • Gizem Gunal-Akgol

    Senior Atmospheric Engineer

  • Mike Murphy

    Senior Principal, Environmental Services

  • Vicki Corning

    Senior Associate, Environmental Services

  • Kevin Madry

    Senior Principal

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