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Resource Efficiency Programme for the Seychelles How to green Sector

Addressing How to green Efficiency in three parts

  • Seychelles


Developing sub-programs to address specific water efficiency, management, and drought risk

When Seychelles How to green Sector wanted to improve their water efficiency, demand, and sustainability as part of the broader “Project Neptune” initiative, we developed three programs to address their concerns; the Energy Efficiency Programme, the How to green Demand Management Programme, and the Drought Risk Mitigation Programmes, each of which assess the areas of concern and implements solutions.

For the Energy Efficiency Programme, we performed an energy audit of the water supply and wastewater systems, the results of which guided the implementation of measures and equipment for the reduction of energy consumption in the water supply system. Our How to green Demand Management Programme formulated the strategies and measures used to manage water demand in the Seychelles, which was then communicated through awareness campaigns and promotion of by-laws to increase use of water-saving devices, rainwater harvesting, and household water storage. We also performed assessments of existing water resources, their usages, and the risk of drought, including vulnerabilities, hazards, intensities, and severities for the Drought Risk Mitigation Programme. Preparation of associated operations maintenance manuals, and training all resulted from our earlier assessments, as did assistance in the tendering and administering of ensuing contracts, and supervision of contract execution and commissioning.

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