Students & Graduates

Design Your Career and Make Your Community Better

How often do you get to see a drawing become a reality? Have you ever touched, seen, or walked through something you helped design?

Our engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, construction managers, scientists, planners, project managers, and business professionals live these experiences every day. As a student, you could help them develop inventive solutions that meet clients’ needs and touch every aspect of people’s lives from the roadways and bridges they travel on, to the schools they once attended, to the water they drink from their faucets. Be part of a team that designs with community in mind.

Internships & Co-ops

Want the ultimate student experience? Apply for one of our internships and co-ops. As an intern, you’ll collaborate with designers, planners, engineers, project managers, and technical leaders to explore the frontiers of engineering and design, hone your skills, and discover the future of design.

Curious and motivated interns will learn and grow with a community of over 22,000 employees in over 400 locations. Did we also mention that you’ll have a chance to change the world?


Your long-term career with one of the top design firms in the world starts here. As a member of our global community of driven, passionate, and smart professionals, you’ll have a chance to grow and develop as a future leader and innovator, work with other colleagues who offer fresh perspectives, and learn the foundation of engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting in the client environment.

Search our internships and full-time positions now to jump-start your career.

Other ways we support students and graduates:

  • Young Professionals Group and Emerging Leaders Program – develops, retains, and engages young employees with leadership potential.
  • Accreditation – training is available and recommended to young employees pursuing a chosen profession.
  • Scholarships – the next generation can get a headstart in engineering, design, or the arts with our external Scholarship program and internal Stantec Scholarship.