Indigenous Relations

At Stantec, we’re always looking for ways to build stronger connections with communities, and that includes the way we work with Indigenous Peoples.

Meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples and businesses, and commitment to the prosperity of Indigenous communities, is essential to our business objectives and our promise to design with community in mind.

It’s important that our approach to Indigenous Relations—whether recruiting Indigenous candidates, supporting their career growth, or working alongside Indigenous communities and businesses—considers the histories, cultures, and values of Indigenous Peoples.

Our Approach

Stantec’s Indigenous Relations approach is made up of four pillars that integrate Stantec’s core values with the desired outcomes of the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR)

We want to respond effectively to the hopes and needs of Indigenous Peoples. To achieve that, we are working toward earning Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification through the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). PAR provides a framework for organizations to develop an Indigenous Relations approach that is effective, sustainable, and successful. Read More

Indigenous Business Partnerships

We're committed to creating opportunities through working in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and businesses. While growing our network in the Indigenous business community, we're providing tangible training, employment, and contracting opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and businesses. This network also provides Stantec with new business partnerships and opportunities which, in turn, diversify the scope of our Canadian portfolio. Read More

Community Engagement

Stantec has grown though a model of community-centered project delivery focused on working where we live. We are strengthening our connections to Indigenous communities and finding new ways to make meaningful contributions by supporting local initiatives and collaborating with local and national Indigenous organizations.

Procurement Champions

Stantec is part of the CCAB’s Procurement Champions initiative which contributes to economic reconciliation by increasing opportunities for Indigenous businesses to participate in our supply chain.


The Road to Tuktoyaktuk

The Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway connects southern Canada directly to the Arctic coastline. Stantec and our Inuvialuit partner, KAVIK-Stantec, are proud to have played a substantial role in its design and construction.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Mills, Director, Indigenous Relations

We foster a culture that nurtures a variety of talent—we're creating an environment that supports creativity, innovation, and community.
Jennifer Mills Director, Indigenous Relations Read More

Denise Pothier, Vice President, Practice Services and Vice President, Indigenous Relations

Our relationships with Indigenous communities enrich our lives, our work, and our country. These powerful relationships inspire us to look and think beyond what we know.
Denise Pothier Vice President, Practice Services and Vice President, Indigenous Relations Read More

Roxanne Richardson, Business Centre Sector Lead, How to green

In my role, I am driven to assemble the best possible team to tackle problems and create lasting solutions for our clients.
Roxanne  Richardson Business Centre Sector Lead, How to green Read More

Alessandro Cirella, Senior Principal

To strengthen our local and regional presence, we must constantly move forward, anticipating needs and ensuring that the quality of our work is recognized by the community.
Alessandro Cirella Senior Principal Read More

Michele Perret, Principal, Community Engagement Lead

The world has changed. People want their voices heard. We’re here to make that happen.
Michele Perret Principal, Community Engagement Lead Read More

Guy Félio, Senior Associate

I’m dedicated to providing value to communities in their journey to achieve sustainable and resilient infrastructure founded on sound asset-management practices.
  • Jennifer Mills

    Director, Indigenous Relations

  • Denise Pothier

    Vice President, Practice Services and Vice President, Indigenous Relations

  • Roxanne  Richardson

    Business Centre Sector Lead, How to green

  • Alessandro Cirella

    Senior Principal

  • Michele Perret

    Principal, Community Engagement Lead

  • Guy Félio

    Senior Associate

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