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  Lighting is a fourth dimension. It’s not stone or fabric you can touch, but has a critical influence on spaces that draw people in.

Denise Fong

Principal, Discipline Lead, Lighting

Seattle, Washington

Keeping abreast of rapidly changing technologies, Denise focuses on advances in lighting systems and sustainable design. With more than 30 years of experience, she’s highly skilled in helping owners and architects select energy-efficient, high-quality lighting systems for new construction and renovations.

Denise believes that lighting design should support the user's visual and non-visual needs in a sustainable, holistic way without sacrificing the surprise and joy that lighting can add to an environment. She continually works to find opportunities to improve system efficiencies for hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, cultural venues, office buildings, retail developments, and urban streetscapes.

Denise travels internationally to observe good lighting design and shares what she learns with her clients and peers. She authors articles for national and international publications on designing for a sustainable future and speaks frequently on the topic.


Last year, at the Seminario de Illuminacion in Mexico City, I presented personal reflections on the people and places that have influenced my interest in sustainable urban design while showing how connecting the quality of light can improve communities.

Looking to align the ever-changing world of LEDs with your facility’s needs? My “” webinar helps you make the right call.

Do you know how to save 30% or more on your energy bill? .

Check out “” for 10 steps to upgrade a lighting system for energy savings.

What have you heard about blue light and street lighting? A recent report isn’t saying what a lot of people think it said.

? Ask the people of Veghel, Netherlands.

—a design that allows for increased control of a lighting scheme—is being used to redefine the nocturnal landscape of Avila, Spain.

I’ve served the International board for two years now, and I’m running for re-election. 

Designing with daylight in mind doesn’t just mean getting as much sun in as possible—read Greg Zimmerman’s “” to learn more about what makes good light.

Recently, Neal Lorenzi of took an in-depth look at the impacts that LED systems are having in healthcare facilities.

Architectural Lighting featured me in an entry of their “” interview series.

For an in-depth interview, take a look Vilma Barr’s feature on me in .

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