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  I like to tell new engineers that there’s no better way to begin your oil & gas career than with Stantec EPCM experience. With it you’ll be in demand. Who knows, you may enjoy it so much, you’ll never want to leave.

Colin Bakoway

Vice President, Sector Leader, Oil & Gas Midstream Facilities

Calgary, Alberta

  • (403) 258-7227

With 25 years’ experience in the pipeline industry, Colin has worked on a large variety of projects that have taken him across North America. Seeing different locales, meeting lots of people, and working with a tight knit team are just some of the benefits hes's enjoyed over the years.

As Director of Oil & Gas Facilities, Colin's job keeps him closer to home these days, but he still gets the perks of working with a close knit group of individuals and the satisfaction of seeing fully operational, the things we’ve engineered. He oversees 12 project managers and engineers on the EPCM side of the business, guiding them through the process from conceptual to detailed design to commissioning.

Colin remains active outside of work with his community involvement as a Board Member for the Millarville Sports Association and coaching his sons’ hockey and baseball teams.

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