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  We live in a built environment that requires engineering and architecture expertise. Engineering has enabled me to design such infrastructure for our communities.

Iqbal Addetia

Senior Principal

Vancouver, British Columbia

Iqbal is passionate about engineering.  And what motivates him is designing complex engineering facilities and infrastructure, and directing integrated, multidisciplinary teams during the project’s execution.

Iqbal brings a 35 year career backed by a deep portfolio of design and project management experience working with the Department of National Defence (DND) and Defence Construct Canada (DCC). He is highly respected within Canadian forces bases across Canada.  

Facilities designed to accommodate the maintenance, testing, and manufacture of large equipment, vehicles, ships, and aircraft. Warehouses that store bulk parts. Distribution centers and other process facilities that serve our military bases. Iqbal knows DND/DCC requirements. He works on both design-build and design-bid-build projects. Iqbal is versed in the various levels of security, post disaster structures, enhanced barrier free access, secured and unsecured communications systems, energy efficiency, and LEED requirements.

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