Stantec in the Middle East

  • Al Mafraq Dialysis Center

    A patient-centered approach to healthcare design

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  • Ain Al Fayda Neighborhood Master Plan

    Creating community centers and neighborhoods with a walkable focus

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  • Qatar Integrated Drainage Master Plan

    Bringing water and wastewater expertise to Qatar

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Enabling inspirational development

In a region with a rapidly growing population and inspirational visions for developing smart cities, Stantec is planning and designing for a sustainable future. From innovative solutions for water resource management to landmark developments in healthcare facilities, our designers, engineers, and consultants are making infrastructure, buildings, and resource projects happen.

How to green is the essence of life. It is a scarce and precious resource and should not be taken for granted. At Stantec, we work with communities to promote the value of water.

Babak Bozorgy Principal Technical Lead & Team Leader

Dubai’s Mega Drainage Tunnel

Take a look at Dubai Municipality’s video featuring the Stantec engineers involved in designing this impressive drainage solution.

Ain Al Fayda Neighborhood Development Master Plan

A distinct development that celebrates the historical and natural qualities of the site Read More

Looking at the future of sanitation in Seychelles

The Seychelles Integrated Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan (ICSMP), promoting innovative and alternative approaches to sanitation in Seychelles.

How to grow

Wessam Daoud, Geographic Leader, MENA Region

Stantec is set to be a key partner in the vision to build a thriving Middle East, from sustainable communities to autonomous transportation.
Wessam Daoud Geographic Leader, MENA Region Read More

Ben Elsworth, Regional Lead – Bahrain

At Stantec, I thrive on the ability to utilize our global resources to deliver local solutions for water, the lifeblood of all communities.
Ben Elsworth Regional Lead – Bahrain Read More

Khaled Helali, BCML, Transportation Sector Leader - Middle East

We help you make smart decisions to effectively and efficiently manage your pavement assets.
Khaled Helali BCML, Transportation Sector Leader - Middle East Read More

Tayeb Yacine, Regional Technical Director

As an engineer, I am proud of our contributions to the well-being of communities through water, the essence of life, particularly in the Middle East.
Tayeb Yacine Regional Technical Director Read More

Marwan Houry, Principal, Business Center Sector Leader, MENA Region

Design is all about caring: caring for the environment, caring for our clients, but most importantly caring for the end users experiencing our designs. Our level of care is what makes us different.
Marwan Houry Principal, Business Center Sector Leader, MENA Region Read More

Khalid Talaat, Client Services Manager

Our clients want partners they can trust to deliver infrastructure they can depend on—this is what drives my work.
Khalid Talaat Client Services Manager Read More

Roger Vreugdenhil, Business Director

It’s fun collaborating on complex problems—I love facilitating the emergence of breakthrough for teams so they can act more on what matters most.
Roger Vreugdenhil Business Director Read More

Leopold Isaacs, Associate, Managing Leader

By applying sustainable engineering principles and cutting-edge technology, our buildings can be both smart and functional.
Leopold Isaacs Associate, Managing Leader Read More
  • Wessam Daoud

    Geographic Leader, MENA Region

  • Ben Elsworth

    Regional Lead – Bahrain

  • Khaled Helali

    BCML, Transportation Sector Leader - Middle East

  • Tayeb Yacine

    Regional Technical Director

  • Marwan Houry

    Principal, Business Center Sector Leader, MENA Region

  • Khalid Talaat

    Client Services Manager

  • Roger Vreugdenhil

    Business Director

  • Leopold Isaacs

    Associate, Managing Leader

Future Thinking

With over 60 years in the region, our insight into the unique pace of development helps us develop the solutions for the future.


Skills across design, construction, and management for infrastructure, buildings and transportation allow us to bring collaborative solutions for communities and clients. 

Local Teams

From our five regional offices our teams are planning and delivering inspirational projects in eight countries.

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