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Creativity & Innovation Program

It all starts with a good idea

Stantec's Creativity & Innovation (C&I) program celebrates and encourages creative and innovative thinking that benefits our clients, communities, and company. The C&I program helps us live our values and deliver on our promise to design with community in mind.

Greenlight Stories

Our $2 million annual Greenlight fund supports employee ideas that benefit our clients, communities, and company. Here are a few ways how. 

The Space Kit and student learning

How Camilo Bearman is using a game to help educators discover new space solutions for students…MORE

Disrupting species identification

How Mary Murdoch is using DNA barcoding and environmental DNA to identify organisms in the field…MORE

Publish & Speak Recipients

Our Publish & Speak program financially rewards employees who demonstrate thought leadership. Here are ideas from some recent recipients.

Designer Kristopher Steele’s presentation at the in Jyväskylä, Finland explored Finnish architect and designer Aalto’s inventive lighting techniques, as well as their relevance to contemporary architecture practice.

In his presentation, The Power of Light in Darkness, Kristopher praised Aalto’s mindfulness for the natural condition and his attention to the unique characteristics of a site. This attention to detail and sense of place contributes to the lasting influence Aalto’s work has today. 

It’s not just people that get sticky and sweaty in the summer. How to green quality specialist Simon Horsley recently used a case study to explain how water utilities can address unwanted biological growth that can accumulate in pipes during warmer weather.

At the conference, Simon shared how we helped tackle the problem in Ontario. Stantec developed a model to reduce the time required to change disinfectants, minimizing service disruptions. We also introduced a technique to convert excess ammonia into disinfectant.

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