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Creativity & Innovation Program

It all starts with a good idea

Stantec's Creativity & Innovation (C&I) program celebrates and encourages creative and innovative thinking that benefits our clients, communities, and company. The C&I program helps us live our values and deliver on our promise to design with community in mind.

Greenlight Stories

Our $2 million annual Greenlight fund supports employee ideas that benefit our clients, communities, and company. Here are a few ways how. 

Disrupting species identification

How Mary Murdoch is using DNA barcoding and environmental DNA to identify organisms in the field…MORE

Supporting the quest for knowledge

How Dr. Rosamund Hyde and Stantec’s research and innovation services team helps employees find solutions for clients…MORE

Publish & Speak Recipients

Our Publish & Speak program financially rewards employees who demonstrate thought leadership. Here are ideas from some recent recipients.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, landslides, and floods have been around as long as the Earth is old. Our understanding of these events has grown, and scientists are now better positioned to predict, and in some cases prevent, disaster before it strikes. 

Senior principal Rick Guthrie’s article in examines the emergence of geohazards as a profession in North America. Geotechnical engineering and geomorphology have converged to reach new levels of accuracy at an important time, as a growing global population occupies and develops increasingly challenging terrain.

Experimental drugs. Cutting-edge operations. Increasing levels of patient service. Healthcare’s advancing quickly, with big breakthroughs that are changing, and saving, lives. But the industry has one area that still needs refining: workplace strategies.

Interior designer Samantha Gotta and workplace strategist Crystal Dippre presented at , North America’s largest commercial interiors conference. They shared trends in healthcare and workplace design, and talked about what healthcare can learn from other industries to increase competitiveness for the multi-generational workforce.

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