Community Engagement

Giving with our community in mind

As a company, we have a passion for creating strong and vibrant communities. In our communities, we focus on four pillars—arts, education, environment, and health and wellness. Through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering, we connect with our communities and help strengthen them in meaningful ways.

We support community arts through engagement with museums, education programs, symphonies, community arts festivals, arts organizations, and arts funds and councils. Using school and business partnerships, we help encourage elementary and secondary students to pursue higher education or training (with an emphasis on skill training in sciences and technology).

We’re also proud to support healthcare initiatives in the communities where we operate. From preventative education and training to outreach programs and research, we invest in health initiatives that support both physical and mental health care. One last pillar of our community engagement focuses on programs that promote sustainable development, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and air quality—plus those that address climate change.

We aim to make a difference in the places where we live and work. Along with our four pillars, we also put our focus on Indigenous Partnerships, Scholarships, Dollars for Doers, and Stantec in the Community (SITC) Week.

Community Stories

Indigenous Partnerships

As a corporate partner, it’s important that we invest in local communities and nurture those relationships. We’ve committed $35,000 annually to Indigenous Partnerships under community engagement initiatives including those in health and wellness, arts and culture, education, and environment.


Easing a student’s financial burden goes a long way to helping them complete their studies. To help youth pursue their post-secondary education and career goals, we’re implementing scholarships in each of our regions. Students looking for information should contact their institution’s awards department, as the scholarships will be administered by the schools. Learn More

Dollars for Doers

We care about the people that work for us. We want them to thrive not only at work but also in their communities—that’s why we started our Dollars for Doers program. We encourage every employee that works with us to take part in initiatives that improve the world around them, so much so that we’ve committed to donating $500 to any charity for 25 hours volunteered to it.

Stantec in the Community (SITC) Week

SITC Week is about bringing our hearts and hands together to make a difference collectively volunteering in the communities we serve. It’s why we design with Community in Mind. A worldwide week of community service across the Company, events highlight the local initiatives we are passionate about and the causes we support. Sharing our Stantec spirit doesn’t just happen one week a year, it continues all year long. Our Company and our people invest in communities by donating time, expertise, and funds to many charities.

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